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Outdoor Pest Solutions by Conley's Home & Garden Pest Control in Duxbury, MA

Termite Protection
Termites are wood-destroying insects that can go unnoticed for years. The most common indications of a termite infestation are the mud tunnels that they create to connect them from the soil to wood and their reproductive swarming in the spring. When treating a structure, we create a barrier of protection by treating the soil along the perimeter of the building with a non-repellent termiticide.
We guarantee the treatment for 5 years from the date of service; the contract is 100% transferable and renewable annually after 5 years.

We also perform thorough termite inspections for homeowners and real estate transactions and provide NPMA-33 forms that are required by the VA and FHA.
Eliminating Ticks, & Leaf-Eating Caterpillars
Lyme Disease has become a greater and greater concern for homeowners in our area. We provide pest control services to drastically reduce tick populations. Our treatment is a low-dosage spray that is applied around the periphery of the yard and house and dries quickly. Our tick control program consists of 3 applications: spring, summer, and autumn.
TickEncounter Resource Center
Our tree spraying service gets rid of all leaf-eating caterpillars. This treatment is done early in the Spring, as soon as the leaves come out on the trees.