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Indoor Pest Solutions by Conley's Home & Garden Pest Control in South Shore, MA

Rodent Control
Mice and rats are destructive invaders that can carry thousands diseases and multiply rapidly. They typically enter a building in the Fall as the weather starts to get cold, but can come in at any time for a multitude of reasons. Our pest control services include a baiting system to get rid of rodents. All of our bait is placed in areas that are inaccessible to children and pets. Total control is usually achieved in 10 to 14 days, and results are warrantied for 6 months. All treatments include a full inspection with a detailed checklist and recommendations to avoid future rodent problems.
Ant Control
Carpenter ants are one of the most common household pests in Eastern Massachusetts. We provide comprehensive treatments for all types of ants. Our focus in carpenter ant control is locating and eliminating the nest. The first step is a thorough evaluation of existing moisture conditions and areas of activity that will lead us to where a micro-injection to eliminate the nest will be most effective.

On the exterior of the structure, we create a complete barrier along the foundation and under the siding and overhangs to eliminate existing colonies and prevent new colonies from developing. On the interior, we perform a crack and crevice treatment coupled with a micro-injection to eliminate the nest.

There is virtually no odor or residue after the application of our products. Because of our low-dosage formulations, the treatment is virtually nonexistent to kids and pets when dry.
Eco-Friendly Services
We offer non-pesticide eco-friendly interior treatments upon request. Please ask for more information.